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What is Torticollis and Plagiocephaly?

Torticollis is a condition that refers to tightness within the muscles of the neck.  This can cause your baby to prefer to tilt or turn their neck in only one direction, which can lead to restrictions in neck motion and asymmetries with motor skills.  Often, torticollis can be accompanied by a condition called Plagiocephaly.  This is where flattening/misshaping of the skull can result from inutero positioning or too much time spent against a surface.


How do you treat these conditions?

As soon as a parent or primary care provider notices an asymmetry with neck mobility or flattening of the skull, it’s essential to seek a detailed evaluation from a skilled Pediatric Physical Therapist.  We will fully evaluate neck range of motion, strength, head shape and gross motor milestones and begin treatment to ensure your child has the best possible outcomes!  Treating torticollis and plagiocephaly as soon as possible is most effective and may allow us to avoid having to use a helmet (cranial remolding band) to correct head shape!

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