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What is Developmental Delay?

As parents and providers we look at whether or not a child is acquiring their gross motor milestones (lifting their head, rolling, sitting, crawling, or walking) within certain time frames to guide our best practice.  If your baby struggles with tummy time, or is not crawling or walking within age-appropriate ranges, a Pediatric Physical Therapy evaluation can help to identify any underlying concerns, improve strength, and facilitate appropriate muscle patterns allowing your child to reach their milestones.

Pediatric Physical Therapists are also skilled at treating a number of long term diagnoses associated with developmental delay such as Cerebral Palsy, Genetic abnormalities, Muscular Dystrophies, Autism, and Developmental Coordination Disorder.

How do you treat these conditions?

Building strength and endurance through proper muscle facilitation and motor planning is essential to improving function and achieving milestones.  Accomplishing this allows your child to interact with their peers and environment to the best of their abilities.  We exercise through play!

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